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As a shipowner it can often prove difficult to keep abreast of all key details essential to maintaining continuous operations at all times. Often developments simply occur too rapidly. It is also complicated to get hold of accurate information. This is why at NNPC we do our utmost to keep you up to speed regarding risk management. How? Through the workshops we regularly organise. Through publications. And of course through our website and newsletters. This way not only we, but also you stay alert. 

Update Volume 2020/03 Outbreak coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak continues to grow in China and beyond and whilst infections remain concentrated in Central China, at least 16 countries globally have now reported infections including the US,...

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Update Volume 2020/1 The Ballast Water Convention

The Ballast Water management Convention came into force on 8 September 2017 and applies to all international seagoing vessels that use a ballast system. The convention is a response to some of the pot...

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Update Volume 2019/15 CLNI 2012 into force

As of the first of July 2019 the CLNI 2012 (formally: the “Strasbourg Convention of 2012 on the Limitation of Liability in Inland Navigation”) came into force in the Netherlands. The treat...

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Update Volume 2019/14 K&R update

The Joint War Committee (JWC) has issued a new list of “Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism and Related Perils Listed Areas”: the JWLA-024. These areas, also called JWC listed areas or JWLA, are a...

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