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Update Volume 2021/10 Temporary PEC’s (Pilotage Exemption Certificates) for pilotage, must be obtained before 1 July 2021

Published on 1 june 2021

With effect from 1 January 2021, new legislation and regulations will apply with regard to compulsory pilotage in the North Sea Canal area. In general terms, this change means that a new PEC structure has been introduced and that the Small Seagoing Vessels Register and the possibility of exemption from compulsory pilotage for seagoing vessels up to 95 metres has been revoked.

Applications for the transition permission must be submitted before 1 July 2021. This applies to the temporary PEC Small Seagoing Vessels and the temporary PEC for sand- and gravel vessels and to vessels that have been in one or all seaports areas in 2019 and/or 2020. A PEC must be requested for each area, vessel and captain. For temporary PEC for small sea-going vessels, only vessels that were formerly in the Small Seagoing Vessels Register are eligible. The temporary PEC’s will be issued to the captain or chief mate. For more information please refer to the PEC’s information guide: 1/Informatiegids%20PECs_0.pdf

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