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Update Volume 2021/01 Bunkering in the “Zona Comun” - Argentina

Published on 11 january 2021

NNPC would like to inform its members about the new rules that apply to bunkering in “Zona Comun”, the area up to 12 miles off the coast at La Plata, Argentina. In particular, a new OSRO requirement applies whereby the Argentine Coast Guard requires that all vessels which bunker within the Zona Comun, must take preventive measures beforehand ensuring that they are able to respond within 60 minutes of an oil spill occurring. Every vessel that wants to bunker within this area must be in possession of an “OSRO certificate”. The costs for obtaining such a certificate are around USD 3,200. 

The Maritime Authority has emphasized that when bunkers are delivered at any berth of place within 12 miles of the coast, it is also necessary to have the necessary equipment and personnel available in case of any oil spill or pollution.

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