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Update Volume 2020/33 Follow-up corona-update

Published on 12 october 2020

This update is a follow-up of our "Volume 2020/21 Update corona"
In many countries, the number of new COVID-19 infections continues to increase. In recent months, the coronavirus has caused almost all countries worldwide to take precautions and put in place various restrictions.

Below we list the most important developments:

  1. France: On September 10th, France confirmed that all port operations are proceeding normally and with minimal delays. Surveyors are attending vessels and are required to comply with the relevant safety measures. For the record, we refer you to the ‘’Inventory of measures related to Coronavirus for French Ports’’.
  2. Italy: All port activities in Italy are operating normally and the presence of surveyors is not affected. In Naples, all ships arriving in the port must apply for “Sanitary Free Pratique” prior to arrival. When free pratique is granted, seafarers may go ashore if the ship can demonstrate that they have not been in excluded areas for 14 days prior to its arrival in Naples.
  3. Argentina: Pandi Liquidadores advises that the crew is not allowed to come ashore. External persons are only allowed on board with prior permission.
  4. Venezuela: Venepandi advises that there is a fuel shortage throughout the country and that airports are closed, however, that port operations are continuing normally. However, security measures do apply per port. No tests are carried out on board for COVID-19 unless the captain reports cases of COVID-19. External persons are only allowed on board with prior permission.

These developments show that the measures differ considerably from country to country. We advise members to request regular updates per port from the relevant agent regarding the applicable restrictions. If you have any questions, our members can of course always contact us via .

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