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Update Volume 2020/21 Update corona

Published on 23 june 2020

We have noticed that the corona measures currently applicable to maritime transport are slowly but surely being relaxed. We regularly receive updates about this from our correspondents, of which we confirm the most important developments as follows:

  • In Turkey, air and sea traffic from the government is allowed again under the condition that persons undergo a medical check-up upon arrival.
  • In the Caribbean, several countries have restricted access for foreign travelers from Europe, China, South Korea and Iran or still have a ban on all international travellers, such as in Grenada where access is only allowed after a negative COVID-19 test result and a health certificate from the Ministry of Health.
  • The latest updates received from Belgium indicate that immigration services are once again issuing visas for crew members from non-EU countries. Crew arriving via airports to join a ship as a crew in Belgium must have a valid visa.
  • Seafarers are once again allowed to travel within France provided they have a valid visa and carry a statement confirming the purpose of their travel. In Dunkirk and Calais, crew changes are possible. However, crewmembers need some kind of transport form to travel within the country. In Le Havre, Fos, Martigue, Lavera, Nantes, Rouen and Marseille crew changes are allowed for all nationalities. In La Rochelle, Pallice and Bordeaux crew changes require advance approval from the port authorities. 
  • The most recent updates from Spain indicate that all terminals are open, however that in many places additional COVID-19 measures are applicable such as wearing masks. We recommend always checking with the agent in advance whether the authorities are prepared to allow a crew change. Flights to and from Spain are greatly reduced and only travelers from the Schengen area are allowed. For other travelers, access is only allowed in case of an emergency.
  • In Morocco, the borders remain closed. International air traffic is expected to resume from 1 July, but this has yet to be confirmed. Medical treatment is only possible in urgent cases, crew changes are not allowed.

These examples show a clear trend towards relaxation of measures, however the differences from one country to another are considerable. Our advice is to take these differences into account and to always check the specific requirements and risks per port with the agent in advance. If you have any questions, you can of course also contact the NNPC.

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