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Update Volume 2019/14 K&R update

Published on 15 august 2019

The Joint War Committee (JWC) has issued a new list of “Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism and Related Perils Listed Areas”: the JWLA-024. These areas, also called JWC listed areas or JWLA, are areas where there is an increased risk of war damage, terrorism and/or piracy and are of great importance to War and Kidnap & Ransom insurances. You can find the newest list here.

Hull War and Terrorism related perils are normally covered by your H&M underwriters but for piracy risks all NNPC members can benefit from our free K&R cover. This insurance covers all piracy related risks and only excludes certain JWLA areas. At this moment Yemen and Somalia are completely excluded from cover because in these areas the risk of piracy is simply too high to insure. Furthermore there are additional requirements for transits through 2 JWLA areas: The Gulf of Guinea and the Indian Ocean/Gulf of Aden. Transits through the other JWLA areas are covered as long as these areas have been declared to the Club prior to entry and we have confirmed cover.

In concrete terms: if you are planning a transit through a JWC listed area you should always contact us in advance. In most cases we will be able to cover within a day but for some areas we may have additional requirements like a citadel, guards, razor wire etc. and/or charge an additional premium before we can confirm that K&R cover remains in place.

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