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NNPC is also very active in the sector of inland navigation. Together with our exclusive partner EOC Scheepsverzekeringen we offer a complete package of services and insurance policies. In this collaboration, NNPC looks after the P&I and legal assistance insurance.
The advantage of this cooperation is that clients benefit from the expertise and the network of both mutual insurers. So they quite literally get two for the price of one. Where EOC concentrates on hull insurance and many other kinds of insurance geared to the specific target group, NNPC takes care of the P&I and legal assistance insurance of approximately 3,500 inland navigation vessels. NNPC provides similar services for in excess of 16,000 private clients, including the owners of houseboats and recreational craft. We do this in consultation with EOC, which is the client's first point of call as well as their intermediary. NNPC and EOC complement each other perfectly, in respect of portfolio, insurance package and expertise. Moreover, both are mutual insurers, working on a non-profit basis, aiming for nothing short of 'excellence' in their service. This, and the fact that both companies were established by captain-owners, and have been active for almost a century, makes them natural partners. Partners who speak the same language. Clients only need a single address for all of their insurances and benefit from EOC and NNPC's joint expertise and their network of national and international agents, experts and lawyers. Advantages all round. 

P&I Insurance for commercial shipping

Together with EOC NNPC has developed an extensive P&I cover especially for inland shipping. The P&I risk of the entire professional fleet of EOC Scheepsverzekeringen has been placed with NNPC. Also for their P&I Insurance the Members and partners of EOC remain in contact with the trusted persons to report damages.

The P&I (Protection & Indemnity) Insurance covers the risks linked to shipping goods, raw materials and products. This insurance covers – amongst others – damage to cargo, oil contamination and injuries of crew or paying passengers after accidents on board.

When the damage is reported EOC will, in close cooperation with a team of expert claim handlers of the NNPC, guarantee a quick and professional handling of this damage.

Legal assistance insurance for commercial shipping

The legal assistance insurance cover for commercial shipping includes, among other things, costs resulting from legal disputes/consults related to the insured ship. These could be disputes with charterers concerning laytime or freight collection, claiming operational losses resulting from a collision or disputes with suppliers.
If you have such a dispute and through EOC the assistance of NNPC Is called upon, you are assured of extensive knowledge of the inland shipping sector and of a quick and professional handling of your legal problems. For this target group the package can be extended with legal assistance for legal disputes that occur outside the exercise of the profession.

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