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NNPC is specialised in insurance for the maritime sector, inland navigation and houseboats

NNPC was established by and for ship owners of sea going vessels, and has since contributed substantially to the continuity of business operations of approximately 300 members for over eighty years. The added value is not only due to the non-profit activities, but in particular to the expertise provided by the mutual in the field of risk management, claim adjustment and legal assistance. Furthermore NNPC offers a complete package of insurance products. From traditional P&I, legal assistance and crew insurance to various additional covers and (professional) indemnity insurances.
An absolute plus! for all ship owners, masters and charterers. NNPC is different from other marine insurers because it supplies a complete package of services and products. Focused on the risks, requirements and needs of the relevant entrepreneur.
The NNPC consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, a legal/maritime background, and help the customer to determine the best way to ensure continuity of business operations. What risks are being taken? And to what extent? What (additional) measures can be taken to prevent risks and could NNPC specialists play a part in this? Which risks can and will the business take at its own expense? NNPC gives advice on these questions and offers solutions with a customised insurance package and where necessary with legal assistance.

Insurance for the maritime sector

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Insurance for houseboats

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Insurance for pleasure craft

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