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Update Volume 2019/10 Ukraine – Ballast water issues

For several years there have been issues with ballast water inspections in Ukrainian ports. The issues arose due to the fact that ecological inspectors would allege contravention of local ballast water regulations without clear evidence and would subsequently impose fines which were difficult to defend against. The Ukrainian government has now stepped in and introduced new regulations which entered into force on 27 March 2019. These regulations limit the powers of the ecological inspectors and set out clear guidelines on how evidence must be gathered and which fines can be imposed. As a result of these regulations the powers of the ecological inspectors have been limited and objective standards were created for determining violations. In principle this should limit the unilateral imposition of inspections and fines and limit future abuse of power. We do recommend that owners co-operate with lawful inspections on board but owners should insist that any inspection on board the vessel, or the taking of samples, always be done in the presence of a P&I representative.

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